About Us

 I started this business as a way to create more of a lifestyle for my family and leave the rat race of the corporate world.  I wanted to create a brand that would not only bring high quality items, but allow me as a creator to feel fulfilled. I am not just in it to make money, it goes well beyond that. 
Like many of you I love for my home to smell amazing when people come to visit. Being in the military I traveled a lot. With that every time I would move and set my new resident at the time I would spend lots of money for candles, room sprays and more.
In 2020 with COVID being on the rise I not only to be cautious of my health and my safety I also wanted to watch what I put on my skin with my daily regiment. So I got more consistent in making my own body care products. And have completely enjoyed every moment it. 
I been making candle and body care products since 2018
I know there are a lot of options out there to choose from.  I want to be that brand that you come back to time and time again because I am passionate about what I create and how I present it to the world.  I are so glad that you came to discover all that the A & M Fragrance and Design can offer you.
I am working hard to provide you the best products at the most reasonable prices.  I will continue to add new products monthly to my collections.  Thanks for being a part of A & M Fragrance and Design family!